A poignant moment as Johnnie and Stephen reach the Cruz de Fierro and leave their special cargo – the electronic pebble containing all the Prayers, Intentions and Wishes of the pilgrims that have emailed – at the base of the Iron Cross.


  1. Thank you John & Stephen for carrying our prayers & intentions, then placing them at the base of the Iron Cross. It really is a very special Camino which you are kindly sharing with us. As you begin your “homeward stretch”, we wish you both all the very best & look forward to your next blog entry. Already, we are realising there won,t be many more entries to read as you near the end of your journey. A huge Thank You. 👍😊👍


  2. So moving. Thankyou from the bottom of my heart. My prayers go with you on this journey. Thankyou also for the message we received at the AGM yesterday for the Australian friends. So longing to get back to the Camino. 👣🙏👣


  3. John, Stephan … As tears roll down my face I cannot thank you and those that walked with you enough for walking for me and 376 others …. It is truly a great love that I cannot express … Buen Camino my friends and hope to see you in 2021


  4. Thank you Johnnie and Stephen! In 2018 I was fighting tendonitus and couldn’t make it to the Iron Cross. It makes sense that two years later, almost to the day, fellow pilgrims lay down my burden.


  5. I’m struck by the way your post is circling the globe and haas now reached the Americas. Most of all I’m struck by the beauty of your act to walk and pray for all of us.
    Bless you! & Buen Camino


  6. To Johnniewalker Santiago & Stephen:

    I am so touched by the videos and the recordings. I can’t stop crying. Stephen, you really carried that stone for us???? You two are the loveliest human beings I have ever met. I know my prayers will be answered, whether the answer is yes or no, or I receive what I wanted or not. I know the answer will be what I need. What God wants for me. I am so blessed to know you two.


  7. A poignant moment indeed at the base of the Cruz de Fierro. Stephen , for carrying that boulder over all those kilometres, I think John should be adding to the epithets he’s already attributed to you and start calling you “Hombre de Fierro”. Terrific effort. Terrific narrative. Terrific photos. As the man with the A-board used to say : “The end is nigh” and then you can have a thoroughly deserved rest. Well done to both of you. D & J


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