6 thoughts on “An inspirational conversation before the Cruz de Fierro

  1. What a winderful chat with Reverend Father Javier.
    Thank you once more, John & Stephen for carrying all our intentions & prayers.
    You’re about to embark on your homeward stretch; good luck & continue to walk carefully. Enjoy 👍😊


  2. My wife and I went to evening prayer in Rabanal in September of 2018. The four Benedictines did indeed make the 30 or so pilgrims feel very welcome. St. Benedict is smiling.


  3. Beautiful discussion. Meaningful questions and loving answers. delivered from a gentle soul. Loved how he said you don’t need to be walking to do a Camino, that’s it’s a journey of the heart. Well said Padre’…well said.


  4. I’m finally catching up. And now I am sitting at my computer sobbing. We were meant to be walking right now and one of the things we were looking so forward to was being in Rabanal once again after a three year absence. It is a place where each have left a piece of our hearts. It is so reassuring to hear Fr. Javier’s voice and see his smile. We will return, hopefully about this time in 2021!


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