Over 300 pilgrims have entrusted us with their prayers, hopes and thoughts for others. This precious cargo is the reason we walk – as well as to tell you about our Camino. 

Pilgrims walk and pilgrims pray. It’s what we do. We invite those who don’t pray to reflect on the prayers of others and to think on them with kindness. 
When we walk the Camino we find our way by following the yellow arrows. Many of the prayers we have recieved are from those looking for a new direction or new meaning in their lives. These include:

  • Those who have lost their jobs as a result of the global pandemic, who face a very uncertain future
  • Students who got caught up in this summer’s exams results confusion, who don’t know which course (literally!) to take 
  • Adults who are at a crossroads in their lives – mostly in terms of relationships or career choices 
  • People who are moving home – sometimes even to another country 
  • Pilgrims who are not sure if, or when, they can walk a Camino again 
  • Along with prayers of thanksgiving for situations, events and choices that have turned out well… and many kind prayers of “God speed” and “Stay safe” for us, as we walk this very special Camino

We’ve stopped at several points to reflect on these prayers. Here are two. 

We also give you our own musical prayer that none of us ever walk alone. 

Nunca caminarás solo


  1. “BRAVO” 👏👏👏👏😊😊. Reading your blogs with avid interest & this one is just beautiful , with your prayers, organ playing John & Stephen,s voice. Thank you both. Enjoy, as you continue & walk carefully. 😊😊👍


  2. Encore! Bravo! I was overjoyed to hear the organ, as I had hoped to walk the Camino this year and hear many of them along the way. Beautiful singing, too! Thanks for your blogs and sharing your journey.


  3. Thank you for these wonderful moments! Stephen has a beautiful voice and that song touched me. Buen Camino and god speed


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