12 thoughts on “A Message From The Camino Francés

  1. A precious message from a precious lady. A message full of hope, God Bless Maria.
    I just loved your you tube just now, John you are working too hard putting all your messages together us God bless and reward you and keep you and all the pilgrims safe.


  2. A gremlin for into my keyboard!!! Previous message, previous lady should read precious message, precious lady ~mea culpa


  3. What a lovely surprise message.
    It certainly looks like you’re enjoying your Camino. One week over 👍👍👍😊😊😊😊 Very well done. Loving your blogs & thank you.


  4. What a treat! I don’t think Maria has changed a bit since we stopped at her house in April 2013. Each of you posts brings back such lovely memories. Imam imagining that we are walking beside you. Thank you.


  5. Thank you a hundred times John, for walking for me this year, your messages take me back to precious Spain, I close my eyes and see the Way and for a while I am there, walking, hearing the crunch of my shoes on the paths, oh how I long to walk again. I think it will be a while before we are allowed to travel from South Africa, but until then……. buen Camino.


  6. Hi guys,
    There’s a tremendous story developing here and all the positive comments allow us to indulge in “happiness by proxy”. Thank you. Keep it up and look after yourselves. D & J


  7. I knew Felisa (Marion wrote an Obituary for her in CSJ Bulletin) and then Maria. Wonderful to receive her message, and to know that she’s Carrying On. Lucy and I have a fig tree (wedding present) in our garden. It does produce, but not as good as Maria’s.


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