Virgen Of Orrison

Over 300 pilgrims have entrusted us with their prayers, hopes and thoughts for others. This precious cargo is the reason we walk – as well as to tell you about our Camino. 

Pilgrims walk and pilgrims pray. It’s what we do. We invite those who don’t pray to reflect on the prayers of others and to think on them with kindness. 
As we climbed the Route Napoleón from Saint Jean Pied de Port we came to the statue of the Virgen of Orisson which the villagers have placed high on the mountain overlooking the valley. The image of mother and child was an appropriate place to stop and pray for the intentions we have received for families and relationships. These include prayers for :

  • Parents who are ill and infirm
  • Parents concerned about their children
  • Relationships in difficulty
  • Children who are estranged from their parents
  • Friendships which have broken down
  • And many prayers of gratitude for lives and loves sustained over the years

Loving God we ask your blessing on these Pilgrim Prayers and may we all experience your peace.

5 thoughts on “PILGRIM PRAYERS

  1. Thank you! I am humbled reading this entry. In this uncertain world I pray dear lord make me a channel for your peace!


  2. Lovely picture & thats some precious cargo you are carrying.
    Continue to walk safely & enjoy each day & thank you for carrying our intentions.


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